U-Style Waterloo is a luxurious condominium complex designed for investors seeking leasing opportunities, students seeking high-quality housing and young entrepreneurs seeking property ownership.


The Region of Waterloo is widely recognized os "Silicon Volley North" in Canada, it is the place where the dreams of thousands of young minds come true. U-Slyle condo is in the center of occess to everywhere in and out of town, where access to eco·friendly public transit systems and convenience are just at your finger tips. This unique ond luxurious condominium complex is coming soon to the community in Woterloo's university district.  


U-Style Condo is establish by innovative designers and builders who incorporate unique ideas into their designs and proudly market them. Designed with sustainability, security and luxury in mind. U-Style condo is the ideal choice fot an approachable evironmental friendly safe and unique lifestyle.

Unique Design
U-Style floorplans are designed by the world leading architect group IBI. The 1 + 1 (Bedroom + Den) style of our floorplans are designed specifically to fit Waterloo's housing market. While investors can benefit from the ever-demanding student leasing market, student owners can also enjoy the happiness of being in charge and the increasing life standard provided by U·Style's high-quality designs. U-Style is also designed for young entrepreneurs and innovolive workers, as the suites can be easily transformed into homeoffices.

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